Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Explanation

Months after starting this blog, and many more months after reading others' blogs, I've decided it's time to jump in feet first and actually post to this thing. I figure if my mom can do it surely I can too (no offense Ma).

So I figure I should begin with why this place is titled *Explanation Required. Anyone who knows me well, and most of those that don't, can tell you that I'm a bit different than your average chick. Most will agree that I'm like a duck, in that I just let things roll right off me. Things that bother most people just don't bother me. And honestly, it's not because I'm wiser than anyone else, or somehow better equipped to deal with this stuff than anyone else; it's mainly because I don't even recognize that there's something to be bothered by. To tell you the truth, I think I'm just hardwired different.

Consequently, I can sometimes say things or do things to others that come off as a bit (or sometimes more than a bit) rude and condescending. It's (almost) never intentional and usually happens because it didn't occur to me that it could possibly be considered that way. It's the sideways glance from my sister or my husband that clues me in. My sister and a friend of mine were talking one day when the friend said, 'Your sister is a mystery to me.' After a little discussion Amanda responded by saying that I'm just one of those people that needs an explanation. Some others might have been a little miffed by this conversation, but I of course wasn't; instead I was quite amused. I loved the idea that my name should always be followed by a little asterisk with a footnote advising that an explanation was required.

And so there you have it. The explanation.


marie said...

Love the birds on the wire! Also love the explanation ~ you have always been "hardwired" a little differently by the way!

Oh yes, no offense taken!

Glad to see you've joined in...now how about an explanation to "what happened to the chuck of the day!"

Katie said...

The Chuck of the Week is being moved to a weekly post rather than living in the sidebar.

Regina said...

Great opening post Katie. And I would like to concur with your claim of having the cutest baby ever.

I love being a part of your life... even if it does require some explanation at times. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Great Disney photos!

Amy J said...

I enjoyed the explanation... you sound like fun :) And yes, your little girl is absolutely darling! She reminds me of how my oldest looked at that age... a pile of ringlets-SO sweet. Found your blog tonight and thought I'd say hello! Looking forward to reading further explanations...

Maria said...

I know how you feel. I am new to your blog and so far I like your explanations. Lot's of fun!


I just found your blog via the DIY Show Off Hop. I can completely relate. I, too, think I'm hardwired differently than most. I'm loving your blog and the adorable pictures!!!

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