Thursday, March 12, 2009

Laminated List

So... everyone is familiar with the concept of a Laminated List, right? Well, if you're not (or if you are but want a good chuckle), head on over to Mandy's Laminated List blog to learn more, rules and all. Most of our group has someone for nearly every slot, of which there are 30. I'm a little less decisive, or perhaps a little more discerning, and so my list has a lot of gaps. There's been a few recent additions though, so I feel the need to document my list, in all its hunky goodness. And don't mind the lack of discussion about each entry; I'll let the hotness speak for itself.

Top Five - #1: George Eads

Top Five - #2: Matt Damon

Top Five - #3: LL Cool J

Top Five #4 and #5:
Still Searching

Barely Legal: Still Searching

Older Man:
Hugh Laurie

Bad Boy: Still Searching

Good Guy: Still Searching

Token Black Guy: Still Searching

Nerd: Still Searching

Athlete: Brian McBride

Musician: Still Searching

No One Else Gets It: Still Searching

First Love: Can't Remember

Speaking Voice: Liam Neeson

Singing Voice: Still Searching

Animated Character: Still Searching

Fictional Character:
Still Searching

Action Hero:
Still Searching

Tough Guy:
Still Searching

Tortured Soul:
Paul Bettany

Eye Candy: Still Searching

But His Face:
Daniel Craig

Chubby Hubby:
Still Searching

Still Searching

Dapper Dan: Hugh Jackman


marie said...

I think one of the New Kids on the Block were your first love!

Jo said...

That's pretty cool. I had never heard of a laminated list before.


That Hannibal pic really creeps me out, but I must say that the rest of your list is excellent :)

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