Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm a Nice Person

I had a conversation with Kate earlier today that went something like this:

Me: I have to go to Babies R Us tonight to return some things for Kevin and Jacqi. Then I have to take the money and a bunch of our baby stuff to them afterwards. I'm such a nice person.

Kate: You are. [slight pause] You hide it so well.

Bwahahaha!! Hilarious! (And so true sometimes.)

Ironically, I didn't go to Babies R Us or take our baby stuff to them. I got stuck at work a lot longer than planned and was too worn out and cranky to make the trip. Guess I'm not that nice after all.


Mandy said...

It was quite an accurate (and funny) statement.

Regina said...

LOL! I think sometimes there's just an *explanation required.

Good thing you have a blog now. *wink*

marie said...

I think you're a nce person....generally speaking!
love from your mama

marie said...

PS ~ I can spell...I just can't type!

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