Friday, May 1, 2009

Favorite Words

For a long time now I've stolen Mandy's line and noted that free and food are my two favorite words, and putting them together is even better. Today my two favorite words are free and stuff, cause I just won some!

Centsational Girl promised the cute shell dish seen below to the person who could find new barstools for her kitchen. She ended up finding some stools on her own, but still declared me the winner of the giveaway. Yay me!

I'm not quite sure where this new dish is going, but since I've already gotten a couple other silver pieces picked out for my living room redesign I think may find a home there. Or maybe in the bathroom since that's going to have a bit of a beach feel. We'll have to wait and see once it arrives.

And if you didn't click the link for Centsational Girl above click it now because she just posted the most adorable 3-d tree mural that she painted in her daughters room. Too cute!


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