Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Activities

The weekend is over for most, but thankfully is extra long for me. I worked this past Saturday and so have off this coming Tuesday to make up for it (don't even get me started on how little sense it makes to have a day off the week following when you pulled a 6-day week in order to avoid overtime - it makes no sense). Working Monday just to be off Tuesday seemed a little ridiculous, so I opted to take Monday as a vacation day and make my weekend a little longer. The plan is to actually get some to do items crossed off my list.

So, here's what has already been accomplished this weekend:

Work on Saturday - done, and super easy since I wasn't getting any claims for some reason. I think my manager may have mistakenly blocked me for the whole weekend since I took off Monday. The manager on duty never showed up to the office, so the problem never did get fixed. I wound up taking a couple claims from others and working some of Joe's pending as well.

Take a couple quick pics - Elijah was going to Kevin & Jacqi's for a photo shoot and we decided last minute that Charlotte should join in for a little bit so that we could get pics of the three grandbabies together. Done in record time with only a moderately ridiculous amount of cheerios!

Celebrate Tres de Mayo - The Twiga Herd has an annual tradition (this was year two) of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Tuesday wasn't a good day for us, so we opted to celebrate on Sunday, with Tres de Mayo, instead. We got pedicures (at least the girls did), ate Chipotle, watched the hockey game and played Rock Band. Loads of fun!!

* My nails aren't nearly as in your face pink as they appear. The color is actually OPI's A Dozen Rosas.

Visit IKEA - Mark and I had an entertainment center to return and a new one to shop for. We finally found one that I'm happy with, but of course it's out of stock. It should arrive in the next few days though, so we'll be making another IKEA trip later this week. How sad!

And, still to do over the coming week:

* Read Much Ado About Nothing
* Check on sizing down the patio (since we hope to be moving)
* Make the final arrangements with the fence company
* Have a photo shoot at Jacqi's with just Charlotte
* Put together the coat rack I'll be making from an IKEA As-Is Dept find
* Work on plans for Charlotte's birthday parties
* Tidy for the GMa's visit
* Whatever else I think of...

We'll see how much gets accomplished, since I still have this monster to deal with:


marie said...

I'm glad I don't work in a cubicle ~ gotta love Cheerios ~ thanks for the Chipotle ~ Rock Band drums are annoying ~ nice toes ~ great idea on the entertainment center ~ good luck with the to-do list ~ cute babies, although my neck has a kink from looking at them sideways!

Regina said...

Good luck with your to-do list!

I LOVE Charlotte's face in the last picture. The little weirdo! <3

Mandy said...

I wish I didn't work in a cubicle, it blows.

Sunday was really fun and you're toes don't read crazy pink on my laptop.

Oh, and Mom, you should be thanking me for the Chipotle since I picked it up and paid for it.

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