Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For Sale

On Saturday my mom's neighborhood has a community-wide yard sale. Mark and I have tons to get rid of, especially with plans to move, so we spent the week prior boxing and pricing things. I happened to be working on Saturday and so didn't get to stick around for the excitement, but Charlotte really enjoyed herself.

She got to hang out outside, in her highchair and on the lawn, watching the crowds (or lack thereof) come by. Before I left for work we managed to wrangle her into the kiddie pool we had full of baby clothes that were for sale. A little sticker action and the kid was ready to be purchased.

Contrary to what her sad little face in the above photo shows, she had a fantastic time. The great day continued when the Red Wings won game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, followed pretty quickly by their game 2 win on Sunday. With both games in such short succession we spent a good bit of time at my parents over the weekend, which Charlotte loved, especially since she got to see Elijah and Penelope on Sunday. She always plays hard when the grandbaby group is together, which is why I have an important announcement to make...

Charlotte, for the first time ever in her 1+ years of life, slept through the night on Sunday. Hooray!!!

Unfortunately, Monday night didn't go so well. She woke at about 4am and didn't go back to sleep until almost 5am. So, I'm putting the kid back on the market. Price... free. Any takers?!?


Jo said...

Yay for sleeping through the night! She must have worn herself out. Maybe this will be a semi-regular/regular thing.

Regina said...

Free? Tempting....

marie said...

Well that is very exciting news! I guess we need to make sure she gets plenty of fresh air every day.

Anythinggoeshere said...

She's learning early to price her stuff.
She is so cute. How did the sale go?
Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come again!
xo Joan

Amber said...

Thanks for commenting at my new blog! Your daughter is adorable! I'll take her. You can take one of my two boys. =o)
Anyway, to answer your question about tufting, yes, it was pretty easy. A few things I'll do different next time (if I ever do this again) is:
1. Use spray adhesive for the foam on the table.
2. Adhere the buttons before stretching and stapling the fabric.
Other than that it was very smooth.
Thanks again!

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