Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disney Days: A How To

Many of you know that another Walt Disney World trip is in the works for my little family. Just like this past January, my Mom, Dad and Mandy will be joining Mark, Charlotte and I for a fairly spur of the moment trip to the World.

This trip came together in all of about 20 minutes, as most of our trips seem to these days. Mandy and I have become experts on the process, quickly pulling info from various resources, juggling different dates and park options to come up with the perfect plan for us.

I must say that while Walt Disney World is still a magical place for me, the trip planning itself has lost a little of the fun factor that it use to have. I've gotten too good at it and can accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. I barely get a chance to enjoy the process before the itinerary is scheduled, the shirts are designed (cause yes, we do wear matching shirts some days) and everything is booked and ready to go.

I miss the excitement of scouring the net for all the options, laboring over each choice and second-guessing every booking. And so, I've decided to relay that process to you, in hopes of getting you as jazzed as I once was, but mostly to get myself super-excited too. I've often said that I live vicariously through other people's trips and now I'll live vicariously through their trip planning too!

So once a week for the next several weeks I'll be picking a different topic to discuss and will impart all my Disney knowledge to you, my loyal readers - all 7 of you. And to those of you who are perfectly content to let me (and Mandy) do all the planning while you rest on your Disney-loving laurels, rest away. But just know that should you ever decide to take a trip without me (and why would you ever do that?!?) this guide will be here for you.

So, get yourself ready for next week's topic... Timing Is Everything.


marie said...

I am anxiously awaiting your travel tips! I'm also glad that I'll never have to plan a Disney trip because I have you and Mandy!

Heather J. said...

sounds like fun!

Jacqi said...

Who are those two dorky guys standing behind you?

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