Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Princess Clips

Ok, so the kidlet barely has enough hair for a clip, and she's notorious for ripping the suckers out after approximately 30 seconds of wear, but I'm *thisclose* to ordering the instructions for how to make these for our upcoming trip to the World. Thoughts?!


marie said...

Do it! Do it! I want a TinkerBell clip!

Jo said...

I think you should. Even if she won't keep them on, on this trip, you'll have them for trips later on. They are super cute.

Regina said...

I sense a Thursday night crafting session. What better to do while watching Project Runway?

Make it work!

wholarmor said...

Those are cute! If not for her hair, then maybe for the scrapbook!

Kelly said...

Those are adorable!

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