Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Do List

With Charlotte's nanny having embarked on her Dorks in Forks trip this morning, I'm home with the munchkin for the next three days. Normally I'd consider that an excuse to sit around and watch HGTV and play with the kid's new Yo Gabba Gabba Muno Guitar (picked up for a ridiculously low $5 at Target).

But I'm leaving Saturday morning and have loads of stuff to do before then. Here's my list for today:

* Run by my parents to pick up Mandy's laptop, some CDs and an extra cell phone they have
* Stop at the grocery store since we're out of some food items that the kidlet might appreciate, like milk and baby food
* Refuel from all the hard work with a Iced Venti Sweetened Green Tea (mmmmmm...)
* Head on over to Verizon to have them swap out my parent's extra cell phone for my old one, which is literally being held together by a single screw at this point
* Swing by Old Navy to see if they have anything that can be used for the costume Charlotte will be wearing to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
* Watch some HGTV while the kidlet naps
* Pick up Christian from the airport since I'm thinking he doesn't want to walk
* Work on the church newsletter
* Get my hairs did since they're becoming quite long and scraggly
* Refuel with another Iced Venti Sweetened Green Tea (mmmmmm...)
* Make dinner, hoping without setting anything on fire
* Settle in for the night and some So You Think You Can Dance

So, who's willing to make bets on what I actually accomplish from this list?


marie said...

I have faith in you - you should be able to accomplish it all! Wow ~ two green teas in one day! I'm a little envious!

Regina said...

You can do it! Go Katie Go!

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