Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Call That Espresso?!?

I found this photo of a bedroom a while back and have been using it as inspiration in picking out what I wanted for my own space.

I don't plan to do things exactly the same, mostly because my existing dressers are white and I don't like the look of the tan/white bedspread with white dressers. But, I was excited to have finally found what seemed to be the perfect bedding choice... an espresso colored pinstripe duvet, and for just $80. Score!!

Except for Target is ridiculous and labels black as espresso, and I'm really not feeling an all-black comforter. Grrrrr!! So, off to hunt some more.

I will say, I kinda dig this parisian quilt. And while I do realize it's got a whole lotta black going on, which was my beef with the Target duvet, it also looks like a crayon box threw up on it. And I like that about it. I'm not really feeling the $190 price tag though. That's more than a bit too spendy. Another grrrrr!!

So, any suggestions?


marie said...

I like the Parisian Quilt.

Jacqi said...

First, I'm glad you think the crayon box puke was "too spendy". Because it made me want to puke. No offense.
This might make you want to puke - but I thought it looked like you.
I really like the pillows that go with it. Maybe you should get the pillows. . . haha

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