Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tilt Shift

Mandy found an awesome tilt-shift video of "A Day at the Magic Kingdom Park". Charlotte loves it and will watch all three minutes of it, over and over and over again, waving at the castle and Mickey as she does.

Be sure to check it out, then hop on over to to make your own tilt-shift photo.

You can do stuff like this (click to enlarge):


Mandy said...

We should really take a video of Charlotte watching that video. She loves it!

Don't you just love tilt-shift. I especially liked the Baltimore picture. It looks particularly awesome.

marie said...

I am ignorant of tilt-shift...although I do vouch for how much Charlotte loves watching that Disney video!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.... the whole tilt shift thing


Katie said...

Simply put, tilt-shift photography uses selective focus to make the photo look like a miniature instead of real buildings, trees, people, etc. The Baltimore photo shows it most clearly - the first photo is the regular one, straight out of the camera. The second photo has the digital tilt-shift processing that almost makes it look like an engineer's model as opposed to an actual photo.

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