Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 12

Woohoo for 12 dances instead of just 6! Here's my review of the top 12 dancers:

Ellenore & Ryan - Lindy Hop: Loved it!! These two are becoming quick favorites of mine! Ellenore is just so, so, so fun and seems perpetually happy. The two of them did a great job at keeping their energy up (it even grew throughout) in what looked like a very tiring number. And while Nigel thought Ryan was perfectly suited for this and Ellenore was lucky to have him, I actually think she was pretty well-suited for this number as well.

Kathryn & Legacy - Contemporary: Not my favorite of Sonya's numbers and I didn't love the costume choice for Kathryn (the nude-colored top was a problem), but this number did show off both dancers really well. They both seemed strong and Kathryn's lines were gorgeous. I've liked her from the start, and not just because she shares my name and my tendency toward ugly crying. And Charlotte loved it too. She danced the whole way through!

Karen & Victor - Tango: I'm not a Karen fan at all, but this dance was really phenomenal! They did some seriously difficult stuff in it and had some beautiful lines, for the most part. Nigel did mention Victor sticking his bum out, and I have to say that I noticed Karen doing this several times as well (perhaps Nigel finds it smoldering and sexy on a woman, I don't know). Aside from that the number was really stellar.

Mollee & Nathan - Hip Hop: This will probably bring some of these teenyboppers' fans rushing back, but I'm still not feeling it. These two danced so differently in this one. Mollee was very, very tight and perhaps that is because of the hurt ankle, but perhaps it's just her. Nathan did a better job than Mollee, but it still came off as a bit cheesey (and cheesier than in was meant to be I think). It's nice to see that Nigel agrees with my statement last weekend that Mollee and Nathan need to be partnered up with more mature partners, so good luck to them next week - if they make it.

Noelle & Russell - Samba: Ugh. That was pretty painful. Poor Noelle, she's no Shakira. He hips just really aren't capable of what was needed in this routine and towards the end of the number she just looked totally winded, as if she was about to fall over at any moment. Russell did okay, but it was hard to watch him with Noelle's hips in the way. I think these two will have to pull out something really special for their second number in order to not be in the bottom three.

Ashleigh & Jakob - Lyrical Jazz: This is one of those numbers that looks really good at first glance (and obviously the judges loved it), mostly because Sonya choreographed it well for the dancers she had. But, Ashleigh really did nothing in this number. She had a couple lifts to do and a few jumps (which were junky and very low to the ground) while Jakob leapt, spun and stretched every which way. I think they'll fly to the top ten without a problem, but once partners are shifted around I think Ashleigh will be in trouble.

Ellenore & Ryan - Broadway: Loved, loved, LOVED the choreography on this one (helps that I love Chicago too)! When it first began I couldn't keep my eyes off Ryan because he showed the character so well, but Adam was spot on when he said that Ellenore really stole the show. She just has so much charisma and spark and does everything exactly as she's asked, and even better I think! These two should sail through to the top ten.

Kathryn & Legacy - Viennese Waltz: Awww, I love these two! They somehow managed to make a Viennese Waltz something exciting to watch, something I don't think SYTYCD has ever seen before. Kathryn's lines were beautiful as always and though Legacy's technique wasn't perfect, you have to admire someone who dances with so much heart. I'm going to be so sad to see these two split up next week.

Karen & Victor - Hip Hop: Eeeek, that was what I will assume will be the worst number of the night. They didn't dance with the music or with each other. Adam was right when he said there was a lot of intensity on the part of the dancers, but I thought that's about all there was. Karen was all over the place in her movement while Victor was a lot more controlled. I'm not sure what the choreographer was hoping for, but Karen and Victor didn't deliver.

Mollee & Nathan - Can Can: Having done a Can Can before, I can honestly say that these two performed it really well. Mollee is obviously hurting, but covered it in this number. And Nathan's turns were phenomenal, especially when he held it out at the end. I'm not sure that America is going to the love the Can Can though. It's not as impressive to the non-dancer as most other numbers are, so I doubt it'll garner many votes.

Noelle & Russell - Comtemporary: I loved the idea of this number. Really very moving. Noelle's movement was quite lovely and I felt like she was totally in the number emotionally. Russell seemed to really be feeling it as well, but had some major bobbles throughout. I thought about saying I'd like to see the number with Noelle and another guy, but I think the contrast in skin tones was important, so I don't know that it'd be any better with someone else. All told, pretty well done, but we'll have to see if this will make up for their samba.

Ashleigh & Jakob - Cha Cha: Probably the best danced number of the night, technically speaking. Ashleigh was as fantastic as we all expected her to be. And Jakob really stepped up and met her as I assumed he would. Not much to say, other than really well done! These two have nothing to worry about.

The Bottom: This week is hard since we're down to just six couples. There are obvious standouts for best and worst, but the rest is pretty close. My bottom three couples would be Karen & Victor, Mollee & Nathan and Noelle & Russell. Looking at their work throughout the season, I'd send Karen and Victor packing.

So, who'd be your bottom two and who do you think needs to make to the top ten (and therefore the tour)?


THE RESULTS: I'm more than a bit surprised that Ellenore and Ryan were in the bottom three couples, but am not totally surprised about who went home. I was spot on there in picking Karen and Victor to be out. It'll be interesting to see how the coming weeks go now that America is in complete control.


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