Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 10

A delayed start to the show this week, but here's my review:

Noelle & Ryan - Hip Hop: Noelle really pulled it off and commanded your attention in this one. I agree with the judges that their chemistry was there, but Ryan's dancing was not. His face is just a bit too animated and his carriage a bit too stiff for anything other than his own style. If he can dial it back it a bit he'd stand a better chance.

Ashleigh & Legacy - Contemporary: When the judges talk about "competition dancing" I think this number is what they're referring to. The number requires some work and training, but, save for Legacy's headstand at the end, any devoted dancer, with any bit of dedication would be able to do it. I know I could have as a 17 year old (definitely couldn't now). And, it was passionless. I got nothing from either dancer. I don't think this one is going to be as loved by America as it was by the judges.

Mollee - Solo: The girl can leap and jump for sure, but this solo didn't measure up to her previous showings. She set some high precedent for herself and will have to bring it every week in order to beat out some of the more emotion-filled girls.

Russell - Solo: Whew!! That was smokin! With all the other styles he's done you almost forget that they are miles and miles away from his original style. Very neat to see him in his element, and the reminder of how great a krumper he is should get him lots of votes.

Kathryn & Nathan - Broadway: This style suited each of them individually very well, and them as a pair even better. I just plain love Kathryn. She did beautifully, although she did seem to start to run out of steam with certain sequences. Nathan did leaps and bounds better than he has in previous weeks and did a lot to redeem himself in my eyes.

Noelle - Solo: That's a way to dance for your life - throw everything and then some in there. The only thing I don't like is how much she sets herself up for her turns. I'd like them to just flow freely from the previous move. Probably not something that most people noticed though.

Ellenore & Jakob - Quickstep: Kudos to this partnership for pulling off a legitimate quickstep instead of the watered-down version that we usually see. Both were technically sound and looked to be having a great time. I just worry that America won't be pulled in by a quickstep. I hope they pull something a bit more popular for their second number.

Ryan - Solo: I want to like Ryan. I really do. He seems like a very nice guy. But I just can't get on board. His solo was pretty blah, and that's after having considered that ballroom is difficult to pull off without a partner. I think he'll be in trouble now that he's on his own.

Kathryn - Solo: A very strong solo, technically speaking. And also more passionate than I think some of the others were. She's delivered consistently each week, but could she be flying under America's radar? We'll see.

Mollee & Russell - Lyrical Jazz: I'm torn on this one. I thought the choreography was a little disjointed. To me it came off as a series of independent steps just strung together, without a whole lot of flow. I thought with what they were given they danced it well, but felt it still lacked a little bit of maturity on Mollee's part. I just can't seem to get behind her for some reason.

Nathan - Solo: I'm so glad that Nathan's been split from Mollee. He's much better off on his own and dances with way more maturity and emotion. He needs to watch some of the dead feet that he has going on in his jumps, but should still fair well this week.

Noelle & Ryan - Smooth Waltz: Borrrrring! I mean really. Watching that was like watching paint dry. Waltzes are notoriously less exciting than other styles, but the issue here was with the dancers and their lack of chemistry. No matter how beautifully they danced it, they didn't engage the audience one iota, and that should cause them some concern. The judges may have liked it, but the judges aren't voting.

Ellenore - Solo: I just love Ellenore and her quirky, don't even know what category to put it in style. I think she'll benefit from her uniqueness. She's definitely one of my favorite girls!

Ashleigh & Legacy - Hip Hop: Now that Ashleigh is paired with someone with less technical ability than her, I think her flaws are really standing out. When she was partnered with Jakob, his skill masked her imperfections. Now the pair of them just look like an untrained mess. I think the number had some potential, for a different pair of dancers. And the costuming stunk and didn't help them one bit.

Kathryn & Nathan - Rumba: Nathan probably needed at least a week more maturing in order to pull of that number. It wasn't very believable from him. Kathryn was hot though. As usual, her technique was sound and her attitude was pretty spot on. With another guy, this could have been a spectacular piece. It's impossible to have just one person succeed in this sort of number though. It's all or nothing. And because of Nathan, it has to go down as nothing.

Legacy - Solo: I really liked Legacy early on in the show, but his growth has started to fall off in the past few weeks. I appeciated his attempt at filling the gaps in his choreography here, but his solo fell a bit short and he should be worried for the results show.

Ellenore & Jakob - Contemporary: I could be perfectly happy watching these two dance Sonya's routines for an entire show. Really fantastic!! I'd always recognized Jakob's skill, but never really cared about him as a contestant until tonight. He and Ellenore are most definitely my favorite guy and girl this season and I'd be beyond shocked if they didn't make the final show.

Ashleigh - Solo: Ryan should take some lessons from his wife on how to pull off a ballroom solo. That was killer! I'm sure the dress added to it (gotta love some sparkle), but she showed off her personality and skill in this one.

Mollee & Russell - Jive: Loved the choreography and they danced it well. But Russell's energy level was much higher than Mollee's in this one. She did above average for sure, but didn't shine like I think some other girls would have. The judges seem to be impressed with her growth, but I don't think she's nearly as polished as the other girls. The routine was great though - love Pasha and Anya!

Jakob - Solo: I think if SYTYCD was looking for America's best dancer, Jakob would be the winner hands down. There's no disputing that he is the best techinical dancer of the bunch. But I don't think America has ever crowned the best dancer the winner on this show. We'll have to wait to see if this year is any different.

The Bottom: In my opinion, Ellenore, Kathryn, Jakob and Russell should be safe, putting Legacy, Nathan, Ryan, Mollee, Noelle and Ashleigh in the bottom. From there I think it's a crap shoot as to who America picks. I struggle with who I'd send home, but think it'd probably be Legacy and Noelle.


THE RESULTS: Interesting results. I'd never have put Kathryn in the bottom, but am not totally surprised that America choose her, Noelle, Ryan and Nathan to fill their bottom spots. I wonder if Kathryn and Noelle were sharing votes. They do tend to fill the same category of brunette, female contemporary dancer. We'll have to see if Kathryn gets more votes next week.


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