Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ashleigh's injury is bound to effect the results, but let's see how the show played out for the Top 8.

Kathryn & Ryan - Disco: Hated Kathryn's costume (looked like she was going to fall out of it at any moment), but the dance was fantastic. She rocked it and truly got the disco style. Her arabesque in the second to last lift was really lovely. I agree with Nigel that Ryan was a bit stiff, but overall felt that he was lucky to have drawn a style that is more suited to him than most other styles are.

Mollee & Jakob - Viennese Waltz: There's something about Mollee that I just don't like. I can quite figure out what it is, but even though she danced beautifully, I still can't get behind her. I feel like this would have been better danced by Kathryn or Noelle. But Mollee does deserve props for dancing it well and Jakob was solid as usual, continuing to show that he can do anything the judges ask for.

Ellenore & Legacy - Contemporary: Whew. That was crazy good! Legacy is fighting hard for a spot in finale and is proving he deserves to be there. The tricks were well-placed and powerful. And it goes without saying that Ellenore was perfection the whole the way through. She's really gorgeous in her looks and in her dancing. And way to go Travis - that was awesome!!

Jakob - Solo: It's clear that Jakob is a fantastic dancer. He's definitely the most technically sound of the bunch and is my favorite guy this season. I wasn't feeling his solo though. It felt like extension after extension with not a whole lot of choreography in between. The shorts were killing me and weren't doing him any favors at all and the ending pose was a little too creepy bendy Cirque du Soleil if you ask me.

Ashleigh Rachel & Russell - Hip Hop: Poor Russell. I know I should be focusing in on him for this, but it was so hard to stay away from the mess that was Rachel. Kudos to her for jumping in, but her nerves got the better of her and she looked totally uncomfortable. What I did see of Russell was done really well. But that was to be expected since this is similar to his style. I think past weeks have shown that he deserves a spot in the finale.

Mollee - Solo: It was better than last week, but still not as good as solos she's done before. Like I said before, I just don't like the girl for some reason. She is a great dancer, but something about her style just turns me off. She's got a strong following though, so I'm sure she'll be safe.

Kathryn & Ryan - Cha Cha: Ryan must have felt like he hit the jackpot drawing this tonight and Cat was right - they did rock it! Ryan is making a case for a spot in the finale. I'm not sure if he'll make it or not - we'll have to see. Kathryn stepped it up and matched Ryan in what was a very difficult routine. She needs to work on her left kick as it's considerably lower than her right, but seriously, the girl is great. And the ending pose - phenomenal!!

Legacy - Solo: Hmmm... wasn't loving that solo at all. Choreography definitely isn't Legacy's thing, and the tricks weren't even that great this week. But above all... the cell phone thing. Super cheesy. This was bad with a capital B. Enough to put him in danger I think.

Ellenore - Solo: Not her best solo for sure, but I think she's a phenomenal dancer. I think she's just one who is probably better at dancing that choreographing. She should sail through to the finale.

Russell - Solo: Even having lost a shoe, I'm thinking this will likely be the best solo of the night. It was memorable, showed off his style and didn't have the gaps that so many of the other solos do.

Mollee & Jakob - Broadway: One of the best routines Mollee has done this season. I'm still not a fan, but the number was lovely. I think her performance was better than his here since she captured the style a little better. His dancing was still gorgeous of course, but I just didn't see much personality from him in this number.

Kathryn - Solo: One of her better solos. She threw a lot in that number. There wasn't as much emotion in it as she's had in previous solos, but the routine itself was well done. America put her in the bottom two last week, and based on that I'm betting she'll be there again this week.

Ellenore & Legacy - Hip Hop: I wish I'd have liked the number more, because I love Nap & Tab, but it was my least favorite number of the night. It was just so-so. They didn't dance together at all, and it wasn't just a result of their characters having different styles. They just plain weren't in sync. I think Ellenore will still be moving straight through to the finale, but Legacy should be worried.

Ryan - Solo: Ryan must be taking my critiques to heart (riiiiight) because he really stepped it up with this solo. It was upbeat, well-choreographed and interesting. And he's stolen America's heart by calling out Ashleigh's number for votes. I still think he's in danger though.

Ashleigh Alisha & Russell - Bollywood: I really disagree with the judges on this one because I think this may be the first time Russell has really seemed to struggle. His moves looked correct, and his face may have been full of joy, but it was frozen joy. He seemed to be concentrating so hard that his face never changed. But, I think Russell has tons of fans who will make sure he gets to the finale.

The Bottom: This week is especially hard because of Ashleigh's injury, which I think may actually get her some extra votes. If my vote was all that counted Ashleigh, Mollee, Ryan and Legacy would be in the bottom and Ashleigh and Ryan would be headed home. But I have a feeling that America will put Kathryn, Mollee, Ryan and Legacy in the bottom and will send Kathryn and Legacy packing. We'll have to see how things go.


THE RESULTS: As I predicted, Ashleigh's injury actually gained her some votes. I find it hard to believe that she'd have been in the top two had she actually performed. But anyway... I was pretty close to picking America's bottom four, having gotten three correct. It totally shocked me that Ellenore was in the bottom though! That pitiful hip hop routine really did her in last night. Next week's finale should be interesting, particularly Ashleigh and Ryan's routine, which I don't think will be nearly as impressive as it should be. I'll be rooting for Ellenore and Jakob!!


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