Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Etsy Favorites

I wish Etsy had a wish list feature. You know, something similar to Amazon where you can key in someone's email address and come up with their wish list of items. But alas, they don't. So here's a list of some stuff I'm drooling over, just in case someone *ahemcoughcoughMarkcough* wants to get me something:

Let the Sun Shine In poster, from slide sideways

Love Lights poster, also from slide sideways

Large Floral Pillow Cover, from Designs By Nancy

A couple Vintage Safety Deposit Boxes, from Salvage Nation

Giraffe Silhouette, from William Dohman

Mini Goals Chalkboard, from Mary Kate McDevitt

Patchwork Address Stamp (once I have a new address, of course), from Letter Girl

And, as expected, my favorite girl has been eyeballing some stuff too. Here are some of Charlotte's must haves:

Retro Snow White Apron Dress, from Lover Dovers Homemade Goodness

Flower Beanie, from Little Blossom

If It's Not Messy It's Not Fun print, from Sunny Champagne

Tuxedo Peasant Dress
, from Dogwood Lane Clothes

Lime Cuckoo Clock, from decoylab

Have you been to Etsy lately? What goods are you craving?


Jo said...

A lot of those things are really cute. Especially that dress. I bet Charlotte is glad you showed it to everyone. She does have a birthday coming up soon.

BTW, I bet you could make a "If it's not messy, it's not fun" poster. You could mask the letters on white (or whatever color) posterboard, then let her go to town with washable finger paint. After it's dry, you peel off the masking and it's a one of a kind poster. :-)

Katie said...

I love the poster idea Jo!! Maybe she and I will do that in the next couple days!

marie said...

I love sll your Etsy finds and I'm with Jo about the poster. I think you (we) could make that chalkboard and the peasant dress too!

I think Etsy should have a wish list too ~ although they do have a place to put your favorites. That's almost as helpful.

Katie said...

I thought about making the peasant dress as well. I already planned to order some of the floral print (coupled with a yellow chevron, to make pillows for my bed) and they have the zebra print as well. The only part that looks remotely difficult (considering I have no clue how to sew) is the gather on the neck and sleeves.

The Bright Side said...

Everything should have a wish list feature. It would make things so much easier! So, my favs that you have are of course the giraffe silloutte and also the address stamps! They are so cute and I am tired of my sticker ones that spell my name wrong and I have to correct and it looks tacky, haha. And then I got some for my new address but they have my dad's name on them. Cause they were free. I like the stamp idea. Its for forever. :P

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