Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Headboard Solution

Last week I asked for opinions on how to fill the blank white wall above the bed in my guest bedroom. I liked all the solutions I offered up, as well as those offered by others, but have ultimately come up with a different answer to my problem. You see, I was concerned about spending money on a space that is hopefullly not going to be ours for much longer. That cheapness, coupled with Mark having lost (and later found) his wallet and us having no access to credit or debit cards for a few days, prompted me to make due with fixing the issue with things I already have. So here's what I did:

Fun, right?! These frames had been taking up space in my craft room for too long, so I decided to fill them with plain cardstock and arrange them on the wall as a makeshift headboard / art grouping. Figuring out the arrangement of the frames can be difficult, especially when putting a bunch of nail holes in your soon-to-be on-the-market house is an issue, so here's an easy way to get the layout right:

Step 1. Trace your frames onto newspaper, old wrapping paper, kraft paper or the like and cut out.

Step 2. Mark your nail holes on the paper. You can either measure to find the spot (like I did) or put a tiny spot on paint on the picture hanger and rest it on your paper to make the spot. If you have frames that are similar in size but with different nail positions, make sure to label them.

Step 3. Use tape that has a light hold (painter's tape works well but I didn't have any handy) to start taping your frames to the wall. Reposition as necessary. I find it easiest to work my way out from the center. And if you like the arrangement, but think they're too high on the wall (like I did), just measure down the same amount on each paper and make a new nail mark.

Step 4. Once you like the layout, drive nails through the nail holes you marked on your paper cutouts.

Step 5. Tear the paper off the nail and hang the frames.

I like the graphic, bold look of the color blocks, and this was super easy to accomplish. That was especially important because we have a realtor coming by the house today to talk with us about what else we need to do to make the place saleable and what price we'll be able to list it at (cross your fingers that she thinks it worth what we do!).

A special thanks to Mandy, Dad and Mom (especially Mom!!!!) for spending hours helping us clean, purge and organize over the last few days. There's no way this place would have been ready for a realtor's eyes without that help!


marie said...

You're very welcome! I hope the realtor gives you good feedback and a price you're comfortable with ~ and I pray that you remember that God is in control!
Love you Katie!


Jo said...

I love it and love that the colors coordinate with the bedding. I hope that everything goes well today and that you won't have too much more to do to get the house ready to sell.

Valser said...

That looks freaking awesome. Good luck today!

golonghorns said...

Ooohhh, very cool! Love how the pics match the bedspread too. Great tip for hanging pictures. Hope things go smoothly for selling your house.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [24 Jul 01:05pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Wingnut said...

Nice, nice, nice! I have a similar blank wall above my bed!!!

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