Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Lunch Bag

Charlotte has been heading over to Penelope's for the past couple days since Christine is out of town. She's missed being with her cousin every day, so we're super thankful that she's gotten the opportunity to do so lately!

It's made for some additional work for me though. Up until these past few days Charlotte has always been watched in our house, and it's been wonderful not to have to pack her up and leave early enough so I have time to drop her somewhere. In fact, she was still asleep when we left yesterday morning!

One of the things I've had to be more aware of is packing her food for the day. I'd been loading everything up into my lunchbag and just grabbing a frozen dinner for myself, but after our recent mail delivery I won't have to. Check out what Mark's mum sent over for Charlotte:

Pretty awesome, right?! And perfect timing as well! Here's what was loaded in it for today's lunch:

Some peas (which will likely go uneaten since she apparantly doesn't like them now), a mixture of strawberries and blueberries (her fave), pasta with marinara sauce (this girl will eat anything noodles), some string cheese and a granola bar.

All this and some chocolate milk will probably all be eaten at lunch. What isn't eaten then will likely be gobbled up for her afternoon snack. And I bet Charlotte will agree that they'll be even yummier than normal just because they came from this new bag. Thanks Nana!!


marie said...

What a great gift from Nana! She finds the best things over there in England!
I'm glad that Charlotte and Penelope get to spend some time together ~ I know they're having a great time!

Michie said...

I love that Lola lunchbag! I want one! :)

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