Monday, August 2, 2010

To Do This August

It's amazing how little it takes to get you completely off schedule. I was out of town for one week (only five nights really) and feel totally out of whack. Time to get myself back on track!!

So, here's my plan for August (is it really August already?!):

Get the house ready for showings. It was one of my goals for July to hire a realtor, which I mentioned here that we did. We have a some miscellaneous stuff (touch-up painting, hanging new blinds, etc) to finish up, not to mention whatever the home stager mentions at our appointment tomorrow. I plan to heed all her advice and box up whatever we don't absolutely need in order to either make the house look good or function day to day. My realtor suggests we use PODS Storage rather than rent a storage unit. Anyone have experience with this?

Finish the basement. Ugh. I feel like this may be on my to do list for the rest of my life. We've made some major ground down there for sure, but there's still a lot to do. We'll need to make another round of trips to the dump and/or Goodwill, not to mention have an embarassing huge yard sale! Which brings me to...

Have yard sale. I mentioned before that a yard sale was in the works, but neither my mom nor I was ready for the previously-scheduled date. We may still not feel completely ready, but will have one this month regardless. It's the only way my basement will ever look like anything other than a junk heap! Maybe Charlotte will be more help this year than she was last year:

Start an exercise schedule. A few of us have embarked on a weight loss challenge that will end just before our October Disney World trip. My competitive spirit, combined with the streak of frugalness cheapness that runs through me (hey, I've got $50 of my own dollars in the pot!!) means I'm striving to win. I plan to start going to bed earlier than normal (2am is probably a bit ridiculous anyway) and get up early to ride my exercise bike. I figure if I could manage to wake at 7am in order to be in class at 8am for the past week I can manage to wake at 7am in order to bike before heading off to work now.

My list will probably change as the month goes on since I feel like I'm missing a million things, but that's it for now. What are your goals for the month?


Jo said...

Sounds like a good little list. I haven't done either storage option, so I'm of no help. However I have seen them outside people's houses and it looks like it would be more convenient than a storage place because it's right outside your house. Plus you don't have to lug the stuff into the car, then into the unit and back out again when you move.

However the down side is where are you going to put it? And will that impact the overall view of the house when people are first looking at it? If the PODS thing is cheaper, I wonder if Marie would let you put it in one of her driveways... I dunno, good luck in your decision though.

On my to-do list is to actually start doing stuff with Elijah's room. So far it's been all planning, no action. I also need to help with wedding stuff for my sis and plan a bridal shower. Fun stuff all around. :-)

marie said...

Yard sale - this month! You're's going to be an "embarassing huge yard sale"!!

Love that photo of Charlotte!

Rhea Sunshine :) said...

A great website that I've found to help keep track of exercising is It's free and very user-friendly. It also has workout videos and you can track your nutrition as well (if that's something you're interested in). Hopefully your competitive nature will prevail... good luck! :)

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