Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make Me An Offer

Or better yet, make me two. That's right, we were lucky enough to have gotten two offers Sunday night on our house. Not bad after just 17 days on the market! We're thanking our lucky stars that both offers were pretty good (and within just a thousand or so of what our realtor predicted) and have accepted one of them. Things are rolling along quickly now, with the home inspection scheduled for later on today.

So the first hurdle (getting an offer) is done with. Now we have to get past the inspection and the appraisal (our neighborhood has seen a lot of foreclosures lately), not to mention the lender reviewing the HOA documents. Wish us luck!

On top of that, we've got to begin looking at where we'll go from here. I've had my heart set on a new Ryan Homes townhouse in a large development that's being built near us. The community seems great - swimming pool, (including toddler pool), soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, 24 hour fitness center, walking trails and retail stores - and the layout of the house is something that I think will work far better for our family. Here's what the floorplan will look like:

The first image is the bottom level of the three-story townhouse, which is where you enter. Imagine the large closet in the foyer replaced with a half bath and that's what we'd be getting. The rest of this level would be devoted to some (ie. very little if I have anything to do with it) storage and Mark's pub area. Layout two is the middle level, which would have our family space (the living room), my crafting area (part of the living room), the kitchen (duh!) and a play area for Charlotte (the morning room). One of the four windows in the morning room would be replaced with a door, in case we decide to build a deck at some point. And no optional island in the kitchen. It's goofy angle drives me batty! The top floor is pretty self-explanatory, although skewed in its rendering since it technically ends where the morning room begins on the middle level.

That said, we may end up going a totally different route and opt for a older single family home instead. We're still weighing all our options. What do you prefer? Single family homes or townhouses? New construction or aged to perfection?


marie said...

I'm praying for a smooth, quick closing, etc for your current home. As for the new purchase ~ I LOVE the townhouse (having seen the model I can say that!). I love the community it's in and I love that it's new construction.
Spic and span clean, high ceilings and lots of windows ~ love all that too!
I'll never have new construction...so I'll live vicariously though yours!
Just my two cents!

Regina said...

I'm super excited for you my friend. I grew up in a townhouse and liked it...but I think that was partly because we were an end unit and only had to share one wall with the neighbors. (It prepared me very nicely for my cozy duplex now. *grin*) But townhouse or single family, remember that you can't change where it's located. So make sure you dig the community. That's my two cents.

Jo said...

Wonderful news! I hope everything goes smoothly.

Joe and I prefer a single family home, mostly because the yard is bigger for Azalea and Elijah (and any other children that come along) to run around in. As for the new vs aged, we will probably go for aged, as it's cheaper. But would be awesome to get a house exactly how you want it and not have to change anything afterward... That townhouse, I'm sure, is very beautiful.

Good luck in your decision. I'm sure you'll come to a conclusion that works best for all of you.

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