Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretzel Goodness

It occurred to me just after we finished our pretzel project that I forgot to take pictures of the event. Suffice it to say, the twiga herd (well, the girls anyway) devoted some time last evening, after watching Project Runway of course, to put together the favors for Christine's baby shower that will be held this Sunday. We're going for a semi-safari theme and settled on chocolate-covered pretzel rods (reminiscent of zebras with their stripes) as the takeaway for our guests.

So there's 50+ pretzels rods (which look decidedly less perfect than the ones in the photo I found) cooling in my fridge as I type. Today's plan... bag them up and prep for giraffe print cupcakes. Those I'll be sure to photograph the process of. Maybe.


marie said...

I think the zebra pretzels and the giraffe cupcakes are definite winners!!

Valser said...

.... did you happen to bring any of these into work? you know, for quality control.

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