Monday, September 6, 2010

Safari Digs: Idea in the Making

The twiga herd (aka my group of friends) has recently taken up interior design as a hobby. It'll likely be short-lived for most of the group, but for the next few months we'll be readying a room for baby Viktor Dudley probably Oliver. We knew the room was to have a safari theme (we do love giraffes after all), but didn't have much in mind in terms of color palette. Mandy and I have taken the reins, as us bossy types so often do, and came up with some design plans to show Joe & Christine. Here are the ideas we offered up:
You can see that we found an inspiration image and and used it as a starting point when creating our idea board. This particular room focuses on cool tones and we'd accomplish a similar look with icy blue walls and accessories in turquoise, teal, lime and brown. We'd even go so far as to line the built-in shelving that's already in the room with the great teal color.

We already purchased a set of brown crib bedding similar to the one featured in our idea board and plan to use it no matter what color palette we go with (unless the baby is gifted some safari themed bedding instead). Pairing that with some fabulous Ikea purchases - rug, hanging storage, table and chairs, storage boxes and lamp - and a few other odds and ends and we've created a room that is quite obviously made for a little boy.
Our second idea board moves over to the warm side of things. Most walls would go white, although one would be painted a nice, neutral grey, just like in the inspiration image. We'd line the built-in with lime green and accent with more lime green, brown, yellow and orange.

Our dot bedding shows up again, along with more fantastic Ikea finds - rug, hanging storage, table and chairs, storage boxes and hanging lamp. Some DIY art and a few other goodies round out our modern, but warm plan.
Our final plan combines warm and cool tones together. This one features yellowy-green walls and built-ins lined in turquoise, along with a healthy dose of brown, lime and orange.

There's that dot bedding again, paired with a leaf canopy over the crib and some more Ikea finds (gotta love that place) - rug, hanging storage, table and chairs, storage boxes and lamp. Toned down walls with bold pops of color is what this space is all about!

Ultimately we've pulled ideas from the first (Joe loves the squares of paint on one wall) and last (Christine likes the pop of unexpected orange color) and come up with the color palette shown below, inspired by a safari wall decal we found on etsy.
Check back in the weeks to come as I provide updates on our progress!


marie said...

Love all the ideas! I agree with Joe too ~ the grid wall is fun!
Oliver is such a lucky boy!!

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