Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde

We can all thank Mandy for the way Charlotte eats spaghetti noodles. It's one of the many great things she's taught Charlotte. That list also includes a love for Vernors, rice and Henry Cavill. Too bad you don't get the complete picture, because the sound effects are what really make it. The "arrrrrrrrgh" as she drops each noodle into her mouth. Such a fun girl! But oh how quickly that changes...

Had the table not been right in front of her tray, those noodles would have ended up on the floor. Silly baby! At least the Zu Zu kept her attention for a while.

She spent several minutes chasing that thing around our postage stamp-sized kitchen. Until it stopped working and she kicked it across the room.

Let's just blame that on her ear infection. Speaking of, any tips for getting your kid to take their antibiotics when you forgot to have it flavored and as a result it tastes like liquid chalk? Yeah, good move on my part.

P.S. Let's just ignore the blurriness of the photos, ok?! I've quickly discovered that my kitchen has horrible lighting. The camera was stopped down as much as possible (hence the low depth of field) and still the shutter speed wasn't fast enough to keep me/Charlotte from creating a blur.


Camilla said...

I dont know about your med's but sometimes i mix it with a fruit yoghurt. My little girl is 2½y so it migth work for you too...
(But not all med's a surposed to be mixed with some foods e.g. dary-products.)
good luck. :)

Jo said...

We have to give Elijah all his meds with a syringe (without a need, of course). As Camilla said, you could try mixing it with food. We just take the bad guy approach... hold him down and squirt it in.

BTW, I actually like the blurry pic. It shows how hard she kicked it... And I also love the pics of her eating the spaghetti, she is adorable. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Mandy said...

I love getting ahold of the kids early. They're so pliable. You can teach them all sorts of "great" things.

P.S. - I'm glad to see her pedicure still looks good.

marie said...

I love how she eats her noodles. I hope she feels better soon ~ and I hope you figure out a good way to get the medicine in her.

Give her a hug for me.

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