Thursday, January 6, 2011


* Jimmy Fallon is stinkin hilarious!! Must make it a point to watch his show more often.

* I'm hopeful that Oliver gets Joe's hair, so that he and Charlotte can get married and have babies with the craziest hair ever!

* I really need to start updating Droolworthy Decor and Potential Projects more often. Sorry for slacking on that!

* Charlotte has started singing Disney songs with no prompting. It's super cute.

* Charlotte has also started throwing major tantrums. Which are decidedly less cute.

* I miss seeing my friends regularly and am so glad that Thursdays at my house are back on!!
(Yes. We really did wear shower caps on Splash Mountain. Fun times.)

* I'm on the hunt for medium brown nightstands. That are not tiny and not ridiculously priced. Why is this a search that has been months in the making with no forseeable end in sight?! I mean, I can't possibly be the only person who'd like medium brown nightstands.

* I love, love, love this room and plan to incorporate ideas from it into my bedroom. That's right. I said my bedroom. Adults can have fun too!

* See. Here are some adults having loads of fun.

* I should make it a point to go to bed before 2am, which is why I'm hitting publish on this (scheduled) post at 1am.

* You should make it a point to enter my giveaway, because it closes at midnight.


marie said...

I love Mia's room too! Definitely see you using ideas from it in your room ~ of course, adults should have fun too!

Hmmmm.....Oliver + Charlotte = crazy hair baby. Do you really want to inflict that on your future grandbaby!

Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

Have you checked for nighstands? we got our bedroom set there (and sink. and faucet. and living room chairs. and two rugs) and LOVE it!

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