Thursday, February 24, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

I'm not a movie buff, but I do enjoy watching awards shows. I particularly enjoy watching them with my sister, since she and I play Joan and Melissa and pull apart all the outfits. Figuratively, not literally, of course. We may bring out the trusty rating system this year. Did I tell you that we once sat through an entire Olympics opening ceremony and rated all the outfits? With a five-ring system. Clearly. But I digress...

This year I made it a point to try to familiarize myself with some of the nominees so I could make my Oscar picks with some tiny sliver of knowledge. I managed to see seven of the ten Best Picture nominees (I'll be viewing Black Swan, The Fighter and 127 Hours when they're released to DVD) and thought I'd put my picks out there for the world the seven people who read this blog to see. Here goes:

Actor in a Leading Role - I've seen three of the five in this category and have to agree with the popular pick of Colin Firth. He really gave an outstanding performance in The King's Speech and deserves the win. Plus, he's the best-looking of the bunch. I have a feeling that James Franco was pretty exceptional in 127 Hours though.

Actress in a Leading Role - The experts say it's down to Annette Bening and Natalie Portman. Having never seen Black Swan, I can say that the win should go to Natalie Portman, because The Kids Are All Right was crap. Blech. Ick. Moan. A waste of two hours of my life. I like Annette Bening a lot, but there's no making up for that movie.

Actor in a Supporting Role - So, I'm guessing my last prediction makes it clear that Mark Ruffalo doesn't get my pick. Of the others, I've only seen John Hawkes and Geoffrey Rush, both of whom were excellent. I hear that Christian Bale is the frontrunner and even though he's crazy, he's hot too, so he gets my pick.

Actress in a Supporting Role - Hailee. Hailee. Hailee. Hands down. She was phenomenal! Nothing more to be said about the matter.

Best Picture - The clear winner here should be Toy Story 3, but we all know that's not going to happen. So, having seen six of the remaining nine, I'll throw in my hat for The King's Speech as the winner, even though I personally preferred True Grit and Inception.

Now I know there are other categories that I should be weighing in on, but quite frankly I don't care for them much (aside from noting that The Social Network should not win for sound mixing/editing because every bar scene was impossible to hear). So that's it for me. What about you? Who gets your vote?


sara said...

So far I've seen Toy Story 3 and I cried like an idiot at the end so I can't really say. But I dig all the people you picked so I'll agree completely. This way if they lose I can blame you and if they win I can say I knew it all along. Win win! Well for me anyway.

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