Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Double Rainbow

No, no that double rainbow. Just two rainbows that showed up in my photos over the last few weeks. First up, the babies.

I think it's so funny that the three little ones in our family have such different looks, and managed to capture some photos displaying that when they played outside the weekend before last.

You've got Elijah, with his shock of beautiful red hair.

And Penelope, with her straight as straight can be blond locks.

And then there's Charlotte, with those crazy light brown curls.

We're hoping that baby #4 (Elijah's little brother) will have dark brown hair to help round out the collection!

I only wish all my photos could be taken outdoors, because the second rainbow is decidedly more out of focus than the last. But you'll get the idea...

Just before St Patty's day I helped Charlotte make some "candy necklaces" using yarn and Fruit Loops. She loved it!! And it was a good way to work on color identification and patterns (one of the necklaces she made is actually in Roy G Biv color order). We'll definitely be repeating this little craft idea every now and then.


sara said...

All the different looks are fantastic. Our family is like that too...though we do have a couple of adopted kids thrown in for fun. :)

And I LOVE Charlotte's polka dot coat. So cute!

Jo said...

Fun craft with the fruit loops! And great pictures as always.

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