Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Favorites: Fabric

You can find inspiration just about anywhere, in photos of other spaces, artwork, or just a favorite overall color scheme. It can be a great idea to look toward fabric for inspiration too, which is what I did with the three treasuries I made a while back. Check them out for some great stuff!

Amy Butler Inspired

Heather Bailey Inspired

Joel Dewberry Inspired


sara said...

Love the spring pallete and now I might have to get some of those sweet bloom hair pins.

Jo said...

Love the Amy Butler inspired bunch. The colors are soooo springy! It's funny you post about inspiration being anywhere. When I saw your mom's blog post about the tulips Brenda sent her I saved one of the pictures cause I either want to do a card or a scrapbook page with those as the main colors. I agree, inspriation is everywhere it just depends on if you are looking for it or not. :-)

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