Monday, March 21, 2011

This Week's Menu {Mar 21} + 62 Emails

I feel like I've been repeating a lot of meals lately and so am making it a goal to try one new thing, or one spin on an old thing, each week. Here's the goal this week:

Monday - Spaghetti (skipped it for leftovers last week)
Tuesday - Blueberry Pancakes
Wednesday - Baked Potatoes & Salad (skipped this last week too)
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Pioneer Woman's Mini Meatball Sandwiches
Saturday - Ham & Au Gratin Potatoes

Now, onto the topic of 62 emails. If I'm at work, or using someone else's computer (which is a regular occurence lately since my laptop died a few weeks ago), I can't bookmark items that catch my attention. Instead, I shoot myself an email, figuring I'll go through them every couple days and sort out and save them. Well, that obviously wasn't happening since I had 62 emails from myself sitting in my inbox. Ahh me. But, I did spend a little time over the weekend updating Potential Projects and clearing out some of those emails. I've got lots more work to do though, so keep checking back. But here's a synopsis of what's there:

P.S. Round 2 of March Madness is up. Voting ends this afternoon.


sara said...

I'm scared to click on those things, because I have a feeling it will make my craft to-do list grow!

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