Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Love of Blogs: April

We're nearing the end of the month and that means I'm ready to share a few more blogs I love.

First up is The Yvestown Blog. Yvonne blogs from Belgium and as she says it, she's busy changing her house to an old ladies home replacing a lot of brown with pink and white. Her whole place, but especially her kitchen, is beyond belief gorgeous. As is her photography. So sunny and bright! Her style seems too perfect for words, but is something I aspire to achieve one day. Check out her blog and you're bound to feel the same way!

If Yvonne's blog shows my goal for photography, Rachel's blog shows my goal for decorating my home. On Smile and Wave she shows room after room of loveliness! She's recently moved and so is sharing fresh, new spaces yet again. Yay! I love that she mixes old family pieces and thrifted, vintage finds to create a look that is granny chic. And she just released a new e-course called "Style Your Space" that I'm dying to get (coughcoughMother'sDaycough). Definitely head on over and take a look!

This last blog is one I've just recently discovered. The Artful Parent is all about instilling creativity in your children. Jean is a momma to two girls and seems to have a never-ending flow of artsy ideas to share with the world. From painting with wheels (what kid, boy especially, wouldn't love this?) to doily t-shirts, I've gotten more ideas for kid crafts than I could ever have asked for. Read more to find some inspiration of your own.


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