Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Party Ready

Charlotte turns 3 in just a month (what?!?) so we're in full party planning mode at my house. For a while now our plan has been to go with a Peter Pan theme, as Charlotte's love for all things Neverland-related still runs deep. I've spent the last few days scouring the net for party ideas. Here's what I've gathered together so far:

The goal is to turn our backyard into party central. The treed area of the yard will become Pixie Hollow and the shed will be revamped into the Lost Boys' hideaway. There'll be twinkle lights and costumes and treasure hunts. Not to mention an outdoor viewing of the movie, assuming the weather cooperates.

Aside from fruit skewers that'll serve as fairy wands, pirate ship cupcakes and "steins" of ginger ale, I'm a bit stuck on the food side of things. What would you serve at a Peter Pan party?

And just because no post about Charlotte would be complete without a photo of the munchkin, here's a spare from Sunday's Ten on Ten photos. She really looks like a little girl instead of a baby in this one. Makes me sad. But, she'll be a super cute Peter Pan come party day!


Valser said...

That curl in the front! Killing me! she does look like a kid now. So cute.

Jo said...

Aww, that is a beautiful picture. I love her hair and she really does look like a little girl. Man, time flies...

Sounds like the party is going to be fun. I don't know what else you could serve for food that would be neverland related. I haven't watched the movie in for-e-ver, so maybe a spin-off on what they eat. Or you could just go non-theme related and have sandwiches and sides to go along with everything else.

Kate said...

HoneyBear Lane just blogged about a Peter Pan birthday party. Some cute ideas you might be able to leverage.

linda said...

Your daughter is so adorable!

Here are some more ideas for you:


sara said...

Here's a couple of things I found...

Pizza Clock - use pepperoni for numbers and pieces of black licorice for the hands.
Fish Sticks - Pirates eat only fish when at sea.
Steak Plank Fries - Why walk the plank when you can eat it!
Melon (Cannon) balls
Pirate's Booty
Pirate's Juice - grape or apple juice boxes

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