Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purring, Feet & I'm Hungry

* We spend a lot of time in our backyard. Whether it's to party, or play, or just weed, it seems we're out there every day. I enjoy the time, but Charlotte has inherited Mark's allergies and as a result ends up pretty congested. So much so that at times her breathing sounds like purring. She'll be quietly playing with a puzzle or reading a book and it sounds like a cat is in the room.

* Charlotte gets lots of owies and has to have each one tended too. I love that instead of calling them bandaids, she calls them bandages. So adorable!

* Speaking of owies, Charlotte seems to bump the same spot on her head into things all the time. Just before I started writing this post she bonked her head on the stair rail. Mark asked where she hit it and I said, "The usual spot." He knew where I meant.

* I was reading up on the developmental milestones list that we got at her 3 year checkup and it mentions that kids her age often have imaginary friends. Charlotte doesn't have one, but her feet like to have conversations with each other. They'll go back and forth: "That's my sock." "No, that's my sock." "Here's your shoe and here's my shoe." Her hands sometimes do this too. Weird kid!

* Charlotte loves playing dress-up and has a ton of old dance (mine and Mandy's) and Halloween costumes. She also has a few new items that I snagged here and there, including this Superwoman costume from Crazy 8. She's likes to jump from the couch in it and show me her muscles.

Note: That bruise - that's the spot she always hits.

* We do lots of singing, as I've mentioned before. A new favorite is Old MacDonald. But in our house the pigs don't say oink. They literally snort. And the horses have realistic whinying neighs.

* Getting Charlotte to bed, especially in her own bed, is getting to be more and more of a struggle. In addition to saying that she's not tired, she's started the "I'm hungry" tactic and will give a list of foods she'd like to eat instead of sleeping. Fun times.


Anonymous said...

Cute post! That Superwoman costume needs a huge letter "C" on it!!

from Mom @ spun by me

sara said...

The pigs snort at my house too. We tried oinking and Pie looked at us like we were crazy!

Jo said...

I totally sympathize with the going to bed thing. It's a struggle in our house also. I guess this is all part of the terrifying 3's. ;-)

BTW, I love the fact that her feet and her hands talk to each other. She has a great imagination.

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