Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ten on Ten: June 2011

I would have posted these yesterday, but was having some trouble with the card reader. I finally opted to use my mom's computer, so here you go with yesterday's Ten on Ten photos:

11:00am hour - We'd already had breakfast and played with Barbies for a while when Charlotte asked to play with her puzzles. She did this one about five times in a row.

12:00pm hour - While Charlotte ate lunch I worked on thank you notes for her birthday party. She "helped" me sign her name to all the cards and was really excited at the thought of delivering them to her friends.

1:00pm hour - I'm not sure why, but Charlotte didn't realize until this late in the day that Mark wasn't home. She was sad that we couldn't go see him. And yes, she regularly strips down and puts on poufy princess dresses. Too cute, right?!

2:00pm hour - Since Mark's mum was flying in later that day I got to work on the spare bedroom. I salvaged these paper lanterns from my mom's yard sale pile and strung them up as a valance. Charlotte loves naming the colors (there's six in all).

3:00pm hour - I finally put the silly postcard I got at the Japan pavilion in Epcot into a frame and put it on the dresser in the spare room. I realized while making this arrangement that I hate the color of the dresser. I'm thinking about painting it with chalkboard paint. I think that'd be fun since this room doubles as my craft space.

4:00pm hour - Charlotte and I headed out back to get some flowers for Nana's room. We didn't last long because it was HOT! Triple digit temperatures again. But I do love having a flower garden at my disposal.

5:00pm hour - After Mark got home we headed to the store for some last minute guest-related items (you know, spare toothbrush, etc). You can't beat Target and Starbucks!

6:00pm hour - We had just enough time before heading to the airport to grab dinner. Love Qdoba's Mexican Gumbo! And did you see what's next door? I almost got a Starbucks green tea, but managed to control myself. Mostly cause I already had one from Target.

7:00pm hour - Then we headed off to the airport to collect Mark's mum. Notice Charlotte's costume change? Yeah, she didn't like my Mexican Gumbo so much and decided spitting it all over her shirt was the way to let us know that. Nice.

8:00pm - Brenda's plane was about a half hour late, and boy was Charlotte excited to see her! She jabbered to her the whole car ride home. Thankfully, that's only about 10 minutes. :)

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JulieBGreen said...

Love your curtains and that cute green and white frame. Nice set! Oh and now I'm hungry for Qdoba...yum!

meg + andy said...

hey! love your curtains too! i actually bought a yard of that same fabric just because i loved it- even though i still haven't found a purpose for it. :)
Oh, and goodness gracious- your child's hair is amazing beyond all reason. What a cutie pie!

Khrista said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Love the post card, and your daughter is most adorable! I will come back and visit often! :)

Peeper said...

Love Charlotte as a pouty princess. Curtains are great too!

Ada has that same blue sundress from Gap baby. Wore the hell out of it in Hawaii last fall.

Have a great visit! Having Grandma around can be a nice break :)

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Love the photos!

Jo said...

Very nice run-down of your day. Sounded low-key, yet fun. Glad Brenda got here safely.

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