Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beach Bums

This past weekend, while Mark was in Michigan at his niece's wedding, Charlotte and I headed to Rehobeth, Delaware for a long weekend spent with friends. None of us are big beach goers, but Regina has a friend with a condo and it seemed as a good a place as any to get away for a little relaxation. And as a good a place as any for Charlotte to get her first peek at the ocean.

Regina helped her make her way through the hot sand to the little piece of the Atlantic that, thankfully, was just a few steps away from our condo. Charlotte was a little wary. After the fact she was quick to talk up the boats and birds and shells she saw, but while out there she was very much focused on keeping an adult within easy reach so she could flee from any rogue waves.

Regina was probably her favorite beach buddy (the pair of them checked it out a second time on our last day there), but Mandy and I both got a little Charlotte time too. And we all enjoyed doing a little digging in the sand. Next year we're hopeful that we can get down there during the sand castle building competition. How fun would that be?!

But the beach only encompassed a tiny part of our weekend. We spent the majority of our time just relaxing in the condo - jamming with Rock Band, playing Killer Bunnies and watching Jane Austen flicks. Quite the combo, I know. And we did our fair share of eating - steak, french toast, cheese and crackers. Mmmmm... yum!

We did venture out to do a little more eating (ice cream at the local creamery), shopping and playing. Charlotte absolutely loved the playground that was outside the condo. Actually, we all had a good time on the swings, but I'll spare you those photos. You're welcome.

All in all, a really fantastic weekend! I'm so glad that it worked out for Charlotte and I to be able to go. Even though she's not likely to ever be a true beach bum (I'm secretly grateful for this, since I'm not one either), I am trying to make sure that she gets to take part in a variety of fun experiences, and this was that for sure!!


marie said...

I always love to see pics of Charlotte having fun! I'm glad everyone had a great time!

Jo said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! The beach is always a fun place to visit (just for a little while though). :-)

Mandy said...

I think you forgot to point out Charlotte's super hot shoes (see the gray fringe in the last picture).

And thanks for not showing anything other than the back of my head in the photos from the beach!

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