Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fireworks, Rita's and More Fireworks

This was supposed to be posted last week, but my old laptop decided to up and die on me. So I'm a little late, but here's some funny Charlotte stuff I've noticed lately:

* It seems that Charlotte has to get her nails trimmed all the time. I can't remember a nail-cutting session in recent history where she didn't tell me that her pinkies don't like to be cut. I always have to try to trim them while she's not looking.

* During short car rides the stereo is usually off. We drive along and regularly hear C singing in the background. Many times it's just a garbled up mess, but occasionally you'll catch a snippet of an actual song. "I a poor boy. No one loves me." = Bohemian Rhapsody. "Fireworks. Oh. Oh. Oh." = Fireworks. "Young girl. Outta mind." = Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl mashup.

* It seems tons of kids go through this phase, and Charlotte is no exception. Lately anything you say to her gets repeated back to you, as a question. Thankfully we seem to be getting past this. Although maybe we should keep it up so she can go on toddler Jeopardy.

* We have to be careful when telling Charlotte that she can have a treat because in her mind a treat means Rita's. Don't make the mistake of calling cookies, ice cream or any other such nonsense a treat. It won't fly in our house.

* Back on July 2 our neighborhood set off fireworks that we could see out our bay window. Charlotte was excited to watch them, especially since she knew we'd be seeing more fireworks soon. When we headed to bed we said our normal prayer and then I asked her what else she wanted to thank God for. She said, "Fireworks. More fireworks. Gramma. Joe Dad (that's her babysitter's husband). Uncle Andy. And fireworks."

* Charlotte has been rocking a crazy mess of curls for a long time and it seems like they're here to stay. She has a favorite curl (on her left side, near the nape of her neck) she she pulls and twirls on her finger. Super cute!

Normally I'd have included a photo of Charlotte, being that this post is all about her. But I didn't have any handy (new laptop, remember) and Caleb is super cute. Besides, that's Chuckles in the pink shirt with the chippy nail polish.


marie said...

She's a funny girl! I love that her pinkies have an opinion!

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