Tuesday, September 20, 2011

By Request

So much for thinking overtime was done. Amanda (my sister) and I are back to working 12 hour days. Today will be our 9th in a row. We have 5 more to go, followed by 5 regular days after that. Yup, that'll be 19 days of work in row, 14 of them being 12 hours each. That's over 200 hours of work before we'll get our first day off. Ahh, the glamorous life of an insurance claims adjuster. Needless to say our entire office is getting a little stir crazy, and we're majorly craving anything to do that isn't an insurance claim. Enter cute videos of Charlotte. After last week's post, I got multiple requests from coworkers for more. Not that we'd ever watch them at work - that'd be against the rules. ;)

First up, Chuckles shows off the costume that Mark just bought for her at Target. It won't make the cut for Halloween, but will go in her dress-up bag. She picked it out because she loved the necklace.

And here's a quick clip showing her feet talking to each other. They usually have calmer conversations (one is usually scolding the other, actually, saying "no, that's my sock"), but she was excited about the camera and so they got a little louder than normal.

Yeah. She's a weird kid. I love her to pieces.


marie said...

Love the sparkly flapper dress ~ excellent purchase Mark!
Next purchase should be sock puppets!!

Jo said...

The flapper dress is awesome. I love she was saying "flap flap" when dancing. Atleast that's what it sounded like.

Charlotte | Living Well on the Cheap said...

OMG she's adorable! And what a lovely name!

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