Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling Mood(Board)y

So I got to thinking the other day about how I would decorate my living space if I were just starting out in home ownership and had free reign to do whatever I wanted. You know, no husband, kid, or roommate to consider. Here's what I came up with:

I love me some bold, cheery color and this place is no different. I've matched up a bright turquoise on the walls (Behr's Cloudless) with a black and white chevron rug, figuring the rug will ground what could be an over the top color. The grey sofa and round coffee table also bring a little bit of calmness to the space. Aside from the white bookcase and industrial end table, that's about where the calmness ends.

I'd create a fantastic gallery wall, including the prints pictured - Giraffes, Be Awesome Today (super-sized of course), Funky Russian Architecture - and a handful of others, mostly homemade or clipped from magazines. On my bookcase I'd display some of my most favorite reads, those awesome Penguin Classics, alongside some cute owls, baskets and other knick knacks.

And then I'd go on the hunt. I'd search out some colorful, but cheap lamps (why hello Home Goods), some pillows full of quirk and pattern (thank you Etsy), and, perhaps most importantly, an impractical chair for reading in. Velvet in a crimson red would be ideal, but a host of other colors would work too. And I'd need a poof like this one to put my feet up on. Not to mention an entertainment stand (something in the same color family as the end table, perhaps this piece) and curtains (these in the charcoal color would be perfect, or maybe panels from this fabric if I'm craving more color).

Ahh, to be getting my first place again. :)


marie said...

I like it...I bet Mandy likes it too!

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