Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Fun List

Our summer fun list was fairly successful, so I decided to make a fall version too.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory and we've already crossed two items off the list -- pumpkin picking and road trip to Georgia. Yay for stacking the deck!! And shhh... I've got plans to cross another off when my nephews visit with us this Saturday. So check back next week to see the fruits of our labor. That was a hint by the way. :)

P.S. Check out yesterday's post for details on how to get 25 free photo cards from Shutterfly.


Jo said...

Looks like a good list. Gotta love making a list with things that are already done. Makes accomplishing everything a lot easier. :-) I'm sure the cousins will enjoy their project this weekend. I can't wait to see the outcome.

marie said...

I've got acorns! Leaves too!! I'd love to eat a fall dessert too!

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