Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten on TenThirteen: October 2011

I took 10 photos as planned on Monday, but since we spent 16 or so hours in the car, I had no way to post them until now. Given that we were road tripping it during the entire 10 hours that this montage encompasses, this could very well go down as the most boring Ten on Ten in history. Nevertheless:

8:00am hour - We stopped at an outlet mall not far into the ride home and Mark and Charlotte
made a game plan for what stores we needed to stop at.
9:00am hour - Just before leaving the outlet we let Charlotte do a mechanical ride.
This was a running theme for the weekend - she loves them!

10:00am hour - The awesomeness that is Sonic prompted us to stop for an early lunch. Love the quote on my tots container!
11:00am hour - Charlotte continued playing with her Barbies after our lunch break. Almost 3 hours occupied by these dolls.

12:00pm hour - After Barbies Charlotte switched to coloring. I love these post-it note type
coloring pads with sticky on the top of the page.
1:00pm hour - Watching DVDs didn't last long, but Charlotte loved the new earbuds we snagged
for her at the Pottery Barn outlet. She's been jealous of Aunt Mandy's for a while!

2:00pm hour - No trip to the South would be complete without a stop at a roadside stand for some peaches and other produce.
3:00pm hour - And no road trip would be complete without a traffic jam. We moved about 4 miles during this hour. Ugh.

4:00pm hour - Generally speaking, Charlotte was a very good traveler but did have a breakdown here because
she couldn't have french fries. She was asleep 7 minutes later.
5:00pm hour - Eesh. 1200 miles logged for the weekend at this point and still a couple hundred more to go.
It was more than five hours after this photo was taken that we finally arrived home.


Jo said...

Haha, it's not a true car trip unless there is some kind of mental breakdown, by someone. :-) Poor Charlotte. Glad your trip went well, overall.

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