Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From My Mind

Just some random things that aren't deserving of their own post, but I figured I'd lump together and share. Ah heck, they're not that great together either, but here you go anyway:

* Sometimes it sounds like it's raining in my office when really it's just a bunch of people typing away on their keyboards all at once. That's the reality of working in a cube farm.

* I told my sister the other day that I'm extremely lazy when it comes to snacking. I don't like to have to work at all to get a snack, so if it requires slicing, heating, etc, I'm likely to just grab something that's ready to go, but not as yummy, or not eat at all. She was dumbstruck.

* I'm exceedingly proud of the fact that I have an awesome child, who is cooler and funnier than any kid I know. I know other parents say that about their kids too, but they're wrong.

* I think that Toyota Prius Family commercial that has been running nonstop is beyond creepy. What about a person made of a bunch of other people twisted together made those advertising execs think this spot was a good idea?

* Charlotte's bathtime if one of my favorite times of the day. I love sitting in the hallway reading or surfing the web while listening to her play with her Disney princess toys in the tub. She makes up some of the craziest stories for them, usually involving one being trapped inside a plastic cup!

* I have a new obsession - Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites. Have you tried them? No? You're missing out.

* This little video makes me super happy. So glad they came out with a second one!


marie said...

random thing #1 - I love the sound of rain.

random thing #2 - I don't like to work for my snacks either!

random thing #3 - I have no comment at all.

random thing #4 - Ditto to "beyond creepy".

random thing #5 - Miss "C" has an awesome imagination!

random thing #6 - I shall try them.

random thing #7 - I LOVE this video!

Nice post Katie!

Tracy K said...

I LOVE Fristed Mini Wheats Little Bites too! I pick through the box(as my hubby watches in horror) to find the ones with the most frosting! I also only put 8-10 in the bowl at a time so they don't get soggy too quick!Yes! I'm a freak! :)

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