Monday, November 14, 2011

This Week's Menu {Nov 14} + A Feature

I cannot express how apathetic I feel toward making this week's meal plan. I don't know why, but I am grumbling beyond belief at the thought of making dinners these next few days. Maybe it has something to go with the lack of food in the house and my strong desire not to go to the grocery store. Could be that. Nevertheless, here's the plan:

Monday - Leftover Chicken Corn Chowder
Tuesday - Tuna Casserole (skipped this last week)
Wednesday - Pancakes
Thursday - Beef Quesadillas (skipped these again last week)
Friday - Quick & Easy Chicken Soup
Saturday - Steak & Potatoes

I am excited about this though:

Yup, that Charlotte's 3rd birthday party featured on Ohdeedoh. I really was pretty proud about how the party turned out (you can see more here) and submitted a few photos to the site back in June. I'd given up hope that it'd be noticed since it had been so long and was pleasantly surprised when I got the email telling me it had been posted. Although nothing compares to having Charlotte's messy masterpiece featured there about a year ago since I didn't submit that tutorial or have any advance notice that I'd be posted. I just happened upon it in my reader.


Michelle said...

i totally stole your idea and did the same sorta project with my then 5-year-old. she had such fun! we used the phrase "i love you, all the way to the moon and back". it is hanging in a special spot in her bedroom and she shows it to everyone who comes over. thanks for the great idea and glad you got some recognition!

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