Monday, November 7, 2011

This Week's Menu {Nov 7} + Exciting News

In boring news, here's our plan for dinner this week:

Monday - Chicken Caesar Salad
Tuesday - Leftovers (we had soup over the weekend and have lots extra)
Wednesday - Tuna casserole
Thursday - Beef quesadillas (skipped this last week)
Friday - Ham, eggs & dill potatoes
Saturday - Chicken corn chowder

And, the exciting news for the week... Charlotte is basically potty-trained. Two weekends ago, on a whim, we opted to put her in underwear whether she liked it or not. She's been in them, or pull-ups for days when we're going out somewhere, ever since. She's gone at home, at church, at stores. She's a real expert now. She even woke me up at about 2:30am the night before last to go on the potty. Yay Charlotte!


Jo said...

Sounds like a yummy list for dinners this week. Can you send me the recipe for the Chicken Corn Chowder? It sounds good.

Also, Yay for Charlotte! That is very exciting news.

Jacqi said...

Penelope has gone #1 on the potty once ... I don't think she is ready. She's giving me and Kevin a heck of a time.

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