Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walt Disney World Photos

Quite the creative post title, huh?! Yeah, I've got a wicked cold, so that's the best I can do.

So this Disney trip has taught me that I neeeeeed a new lens for my camera. This one. Ok, so perhaps I don't truly need it. But I want it and plan to save up all my pennies until I can get it. The lens I had with me (50mm) was just too difficult to get good shots with. I had to be so far away from my subject that people were constantly walking in the camera's path. As a result, I took loads of pictures the first few days and then just sorta gave up. That's not such a bad thing though, because I really got to enjoy everything as it was happening. And others in my group snagged some great photos of their own. Here's a sampling of mine and some from Mark's Blackberry (hopefully my mom will post some of her and my dad's soon):

We really had a fantastic time! The best trip with Charlotte yet, since she's finally old enough to start to understand some of the magic. I know it's a little silly, but Walt Disney World is really special to me. My family has lots of memories there and it's neat to see Charlotte starting to be a big part of that. Do you have a place that's really meaninful to your family too? I'd love to hear about it!


marie said...

I LOVE the picture with the balloon...it could be a Disney ad!

I'm so glad she got to have her cotton candy and can I just say those hot dogs look yummy! The pop-jet pictures are cute too...happy memories. Good thing we didn't listen when she said "no pictures"!!

Jo said...

That's so neat. I love the pic of her and Mark laughing. All of the pictures are great though and I'm sure only a small sampling.

Anonymous said...

Mine would be Ocean City, Md. I grew up in Worcester County, and spent summer days and evenings at OC. It was wonderful! Lots has changed but much remains the same. The Thrasher French fries and the Fisher's and Dolly's caramel popcorn, and eating crabs at Phillips. Yummy!!! I still remember the sights and sounds of the boardwalk. It brings back so many happy memories each time I visit. PJ

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures especially ones with Charlotte. You are making memories she will carry with her for a life time. Love the mouse ear hat on her curls. PJ

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