Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shopping Success

My mom, sister and I were pretty bummed to find out that our favorite antique mall in the area is closing its doors. Today is their last day open actually. :( While it can be really hit or miss in terms of finding good deals there (lots of vendors way overprice their items), with the closing came tons of sales. I spent about $115 and walked away with loads of goodies. Here's one of my favorites:

It's a Heywood Wakefield children's chair that I spent about $20 on - not too bad when they list for at least twice that, plus shipping, on Etsy. I love the beat up wood and that the bright red legs pick up the stripe of the same color in the crate bookcase I made last summer. And Charlotte loves it too! I'd contemplated hanging it on the wall in my laundry room for a bit of extra storage (sorta like this), but I'm fearful Charlotte would scale my washing machine trying to get to it! So the living room is its official home.

I also got a leggy old china cabinet (for about $23!!), a game from Mark's childhood, an old door, a few knick knacks and a huge dollhouse for Charlotte's birthday. It's ginormous - about 4 1/2 feet high from floor to peak - has some awesome 80s styling and is sized just right for Barbies. I'd always planned to transform her cube bookcase into a dollhouse, but at just $10 (yup, you read that right) I couldn't pass it up. Now I'm scouring the interwebs and my mom's basement for Barbie furniture. Hopefully I find good deals on them too!


marie said...

The chair is cute and looks perfect where you put it.

I bet you find some good deals in your mom's basement!

Blissful Blooms said...

Love everything in these pictures- especially that chair! Good score!! Can't wait to see the barbie house all spiffied up!

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