Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Charlotte loves all fruit, so when we were at Home Depot over the weekend, picking up 40 bags of mulch (yup, 40 and that's just for the front of the house), we decided to invest in some blueberry bushes too. They weren't much of an investment at just $4 a pop, but since I have a black thumb it's essentially money down the drain. We'll give it a go anyway. Who knows, maybe Charlotte's thumb is green!?

Have you been doing any yard work lately? Do you grow any fruits or veggies? We had a few tomato plants last year, but I have to admit we basically neglected them. They managed to still give a decent yield, so maybe our blueberries have a fighting chance.


marie said...

I hope your blueberries produce a bumper crop! With such a cute little gardener how could thy not!!

Jacqi said...

Bird nets. Even if you don't get the fruit they are supposed to make beautiful hedges because they change colors per season. That is why I got mine for the front yard. But I really couldn't resist hot pink fruit (mine are pink lemonade blue berry bushes).

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