Thursday, May 24, 2012

Compliments, Capris and Cauliflower

The month is nearing its end (seriously, where did it go?!) so it's time again to share some things I don't want to forget about my monkey.

* Charlotte is, generally speaking, a super sweet little girl. Just the other day she told me I make the "most yummiest food ever". Clearly she doesn't get to experience much fine cuisine if she thinks mine is great.

* In spite of that sweetness, she has started to show a little attitude as of late. If she says something to you and doesn't like the response she says, "I said..." and repeats herself, all in a tone that is eerily teenager in its disdain. With a hand on her hip and her head shaking. Help me now.

* Charlotte seems to be ready for summer. Lately she's taken to rolling her knit pants (which she wears more days that not), up above her knees. Looks like she's longing for capris. In fact, she's pretty opinionated about all her clothes and doesn't want help picking them out or putting them on. She wants to get dressed by herself most of the time.

* Mark has always appreciated Charlotte's love of Legos and Star Wars. Now he can add superheroes to that list. She loves to dress like the Incredible Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man as often as possible. And she's got a Thor hammer that she swings around everywhere.

* I don't think I've ever pointed out before how much Charlotte loves vegetables. I mean, fruit is a given for most kids, but her love of veggies is weird. She'll eat just about anything but carrots, celery, cauliflower and zucchini are her favorites. As long as they're raw. She doesn't care for cooked veggies very much.


christina said...

she's an awesome kid. and just lovely to look at in your photos! :)
my Lovie loves veggies, too. it's quite odd. she especially loves cold peas. (which make me want to vomit- cold or hot)

Scrap for Joy said...

I love the Charlotte posts...yours and your Mom's. Oh wait until she's'll have to wear spurs and chaps. I have a little friend who loves veggies, too and especially frozen peas right out of the bag. Interesting.

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