Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School Bus Love

Mark and I both worked on Charlotte's birthday, which means we got to spend a tiny bit of the morning with her (we ate popsicles for celebration) and then did our real birthday festivities in the evening. I didn't get home until after 6pm, so everything was pretty crammed in. We spent a bit of time opening some presents - a few from Mark and I and some from Mark's mum - and then headed off to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Charlotte's favorite gift, by far, was one that came in the mail. Check it out...

My friends Bill and Gail (who Charlotte always calls Chip and Dale) moved from Maryland to Tennessee since C's last birthday. They were sweet enough to send a package addressed to her filled with goodies. Her favorite part, aside from getting her own mail, was that LaLaLoopsy school bus. She loves LaLaLoopsy dolls and loves school, so the two put together was a match made in heaven. Every person that's walked through the door since she opened it gets to see all its bits and pieces before they can even get their shoes off. She is sooooo excited about it! I hope she's just as excited when she gets some more gifts at her party. Mark and I still have our big gift to give her that day (shhhhh.... don't tell, it's a dollhouse). I've got less than two weeks to get the party planned and the dollhouse spiffed up. Wish me luck!


marie said...

Chip and Dale sent the birthday girl an excellent gift! Love the pic of her with the card...she looks so pleased!

Michelle said...

my 3 year old LOVES this mini lalaloopsy's! She's got tons of them and the bus and the treehouse, a remote controlled car, a tent, and a couple houses. I have found that a "nuts and bolts" sorting box is great for all the little pieces, and even has a handle usually. we tried a bead sorting box, but the sections were too small. the one we have has adjustable sections! just be sure not to step on those little buggers...they're killers to the feet!

Jo said...

That's neat. What a special present for a special little girl.

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