Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well That Didn't Go As Planned

If you follow me on Instagram you know I've had some luck at Goodwill and thrift stores the past few days. Seriously good luck. In fact, I snagged everything pictured below for just $30. Literally everything. The two framed needlepoints, 30 vintage kids' books, two sheets, a bedskirt and the bookcase.

I figured while my luck was good I'd better hit another store before heading to my haircut appointment yesterday evening. Mark and Charlotte were with me and we had about 40 minutes to look around before we had to head to the salon. We didn't make any great finds, but did find 6 books I planned to get, along with a lampshade. But, as the post title may have indicated, that didn't go as planned.

Instead our quick thrifting trip turned into a nearly 3 hour visit to the emergency room. Ugh. Some frames had tipped over in the home decor section and when Mark when to prop them back up broken glass (we didn't realize it was broken) fell and sliced his leg open. The gash was only about 2 inches long, but fairly deep. The store manager bandaged it up and we headed over to the hospital, which was just a quick 5 minute ride away.

While it is a major hospital, the ER here isn't all that busy typically. I was actually hopeful that we'd be in and out in about an hour or so. After all, it only took a minute or two for them to call him in for triage. I realize for many that a quick ER visit is unheard of, but at this particular hospital it's probably the norm. Except when there's been a fire in the Labor & Delivery building and the two maternity floors are evacuated to the emergency department. That'll slow things down a bit.

Charlotte stayed with us for about an hour and half before my mom and sister came to pick her up. She was so good at the store when we directed her to stay away from the glass, and in the ER waiting room where she gave Daddy kisses and fruit snacks and orange soda. But it was way past dinner time, approaching bedtime even, when she headed over to Aunt Mandy's for the evening. I hear she told them all about what happened on the way home. For the entire 20 or so minute drive. :)

Mark felt better (more mentally than physically, I think) when his leg was elevated so most of our waiting room stay had him looking like this. Yeah, real special. Luckily it was right around when Charlotte left that we got called out of the waiting room into an office cubby. Yup, that said office cubby. With all the laboring soon-to-be-mommas filling the procedure rooms, we were taken to a tiny (smaller than my bathroom) room where a nurse stitched him up. His first stitches ever.

Five stitches later and he was moved to a blood draw chair where he waited for a tetanus shot. In true Mark fashion, he was cracking jokes the entire time. Making the nurse laugh, other patients laugh, the phlebotomist laugh. I don't think he'll be laughing quite so much tomorrow when the pain of that tetanus shot really sets in. He can't recall his last one, but I remember mine and it sucked.

So that's the story of my night. No haircut. No thrifty purchases (although I have high hopes we'll find good stuff when we go back later today to fill out an incident report). But a decent story.


Anonymous said...

I love Goodwill and I am in there about every other day. Which one/ones are you favorite?
~Sarah Gilt

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