Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I bet you can't guess what we ate the other day. I'll give you some hints... they're gooey. And delicious. Any ideas? You can make them over a campfire. Or in the microwave. Still can't guess? Alright, alright... we made s'mores!!

Charlotte has never had them before, which is why this little treat made it to our summer fun list. She was with me when I picked up the supplies at the grocery store, but really didn't know what what is store for her. She just knew that, individually, she liked each of these items and was happy to see them make it into the cart.

We made ours in the microwave (she really wants to roast marshmallows outside some time though) and she was beyond excited to see the marshmallows puff up with just a little heat. She wasn't nearly as excited about the thought of biting into a s'more. Mark and I had to take one for the team (yeah, right) and try ours first before she was willing to give it a go.

Even after a bite, she wasn't that into it. Until she discovered the stretchiness of the marshmallow. She spent the rest of our dessert time pulling every bit of marshmallow out of the s'more and gobbling it up. And then snagged a couple more from the bag to eat on their own. And Mark and I have been doing our part ever since, using up the remaining supplies (go me, buying a six pack of chocolate bars)!

So go ahead and pick youself up some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and make a few. You know you want too.


marie said...

I hope I'm invited to the next S'mores party!

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