Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Fun List: Checking In

Back in the beginning of June Charlotte, Mark and I sat down together and created a list of items we wanted to accomplish this summer. Some were super simple and bound to be accomplished (swim, swim, swim) while others would take a bit more planning to do (weekend trip). We'd increased the number of items on our list by one from last year and truth be told, I was pretty confident given last year's pathetic showing that we'd fail hard this year too. With both Mark and I at work during the day, it leaves evenings and weekends only for accomplishing all this stuff. That's no easy task. And with less than a month left in the summer (The autumn equinox is September 22nd and I'm milking this season for everything it's worth), I figured it was time to check in on our progress.

Whew! Twelve out of twenty isn't so bad for two and half month's time. But, that means we'll need to really pick up the pace if we're going to cram in another eight in just four weeks. Eeesh. Wish us luck!


marie said...

Good luck finishing still have a bunch of fun to take care of. Hmmmmm...pancake breakfast. You could invite me for that one!

Jo said...

You should be able to get everything done. Or almost everything. Pancake breakfast and banana splits sound pretty easy. Good luck. Look forward to seeing the outcome.

Anonymous said...

What kind of treasure hunt are you going to do? Maybe we could combine some of these with other kids (mine) and share the tasks. Like you plan a treasure hunt for the kids and I'll do a banana split party at our house after?
-Sarah Gilt

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