Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Feet

Last night our Thursday night group celebrated Machupa's birthday (more on him in posts to come). There were several presents that came disguised as presents for him that were really for Charlotte. Poor guy, he can't even catch a break at his own party! The one I'm perhaps most excited about - tap shoes.

Which she tried to open with her teeth.

Andrew surprised us by dropping in unexpectedly (at least to most). We were thrilled to see him, because as Regina so accurately says, he's our brand of crazy. He brought Chuckles the most perfect pair of teeny little tap shoes. They're a tad big right now (to his credit, since the child can't even walk), but that didn't stop Aunt Mandy from having her try them out.

Broadway here she comes!


marie said...

Looks like she's got some "happy feet" going on!

I love her tap shoes ~ that was so nice of Andrew to buy them for her....ummm....for Machupa, I mean!

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