Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Our V Day was very low-key. We had planned to make a morning trip to IKEA (no real reason for the trip, other than free breakfast), but Charlotte was up most of the night before, so an early morning trip was not going to happen. Instead we hung out at home for most of the day before heading to Wal-Mart in the evening.

Everyone knows that I loathe Walmart. The very thought of going there gives me heart palpations. My hope was that everyone would be out celebrating Valentine's Day with their sweetheart and the aisles would be empty. I was wrong, but it wasn't an altogether horrible experience.

We picked up curtain tiebacks for Charlotte's room (planning to post all about her room soon) as well as a couple cute tops for her. We also nabbed a new digital scale (for our Thursday night crew's Biggest Loser competition) and some groceries. And, Charlotte got her first sippy cup. Yay baby!! We'll see how she does with it later today. She's been holding her own bottle for a while, so I have high hopes that the sippy cup won't be too difficult for her.

All in all, a quiet, peaceful and entirely unromantic Valentine's day. Just my style.

Oh, and I made another page about Charlotte (and Aunt Mandy) a few days ago. That'll be the last of pages about her until I get some work done on baby Raymond's album.


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